Choquequirao is a great alternative hike to the Classic Inca Trail. In this case, you'll be able to visit the ruins of Choquequirao. It also know as the Sister City of Machu Picchu, but you will also be able to enjoy the serenity of the surrounding area without seeing many tourists on your hike. Traveling to Choquequirao will let you have the chance of going through a rural part of Peru where only a few families live, living their lives in a traditional manner for generations.

The landscapes you will pass hiking to Choquequirao are amazing and untouched! The ruins of Choquequirao left by the Incas are impressive, especially since it seems to be in the middle of nowhere!

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Pampas of Anta

It is known by its stone masses which according to a legend became, as God ordered, into strong soldiers formed to save the Incas if they would lose against the Chancas.

Thermal Baths of Conoc

With medicinal properties and able to avoid tiredness and relax the muscles. They are found on the left side of Apurimac river (before called the king of the rivers or prince of deepness) in the district of Curahuasi the city of anise in Apurimac.


Is along the Choquequirao trek where we'll find archeological ruins left by the Incas called Tarawasi. This construction Inka, was part of group Tambos in the Chinchaysuyo. The smallest of the platforms described appears to be a ushno and therefore would have had ritual purposes. The remains of the enclosures served housing and deposits.


The silent town of Cachora appeals by its quiet streets and rustic houses. In this typical Andean community, with a simple main square and church, we start our trip leading to Choquequirao characterized by long ups, though descends, the remote Ampay and Salcantay snow mountains, and the deep cannon of Apurimac, one of the deepest in the world.

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Choquequirao is a symbol of the Inca resistance with its unique stone walls located up to the mountain.
According to biologists, ecologists and experts, the wildlife in the environment of Choquequirao is one of the richest in biodiversity, but in this area, no one knows exactly how many species of plants and animals that exist, despite this deficiency and some scarce scientific studies, it has been possible to determine the existence of various forms of life. read more

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