Choquequirao Trek Difficulty Level along the trail

The Choquequirao trek is one of the most difficult routes in Cusco - Peru, because of its verticality. Crossing the deep Canyon of Apurimac becomes a big challenge for those people who enjoy trekking. However, the difficulty of this trail is offset by the beauty of the landscape and the archeological Inca site of Choquequirao.

Difficult Level By Locations In Choquequirao trekking

1. Cusco - Cachora - Chiquisca

The time of the trek to Chiquisca is about 8 hours, and it covers a distance of 19 kilometers. The first part is flat and is an easy trekking until the view point of Capuliyoc, from this part the hike goes downhill until Cocamasana (2330 above sea level), where we finally arrive at Chiquisca (1950 above sea level) which lays at a grove where we can find water and set up the 1st night camp at Choquequirao.

Difficultness of the 1st day of the trail: Medium challenge, 19 km – trekking time: 8 hours

How is the itinerary for this places in this days?

The adventure to Choquequirao ruins begins early in the morning from Cusco to Cachora (3100 m), which is the last place where you have the opportunity to buy applies and water. You will be picked up from your hotel and be transported to Cachora. On the way we will pass Limatambo which has some very picturesque archaeological sites to visit. From Cachora we begin our hiking towards Chiquisqa (2000 m) for 6-7 hours. Along the road we will pass the two small villages Capuliyoc (2800 m) and Cocamasana, in one of these places we will enjoy our lunch. In Chiquisqa we will settle our camp, eat dinner together and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the forest of Chiquisqa and all its different types of fruits. A good sleep is important so we can be ready for the hike to the imporatant Inca site of Choquequirao the next day.
This choquequirao trekking is comparate to the salkantay trail

2. Chiquisca – Santa Rosa- Choquequirao

This day is a hard section of the Choquequirao trek. From Chiquisca we will pass the Rosalina bridges, from where we will hike uphill for 4 hours to reach Santa Rosa, later another 3 hours trek up to Marampata, which is the highest camp (3.100 m above sea level).

Difficultness of the 2nd day: Hard work challenge, 13 km - walking time: 7 hours

How is the itinerary for this places in our tour this days?

This is an important!, why? Becuase you will experience the amazing city of the Incas; Choquequirao, therefore it is important that we start our day in a good way with wake-up-tee and a solid breakfast. From our camp in Chiquisqa the route will take us to Choquequirao (3150 m) in the end of the day. On the hike we will walk downhill for an hour until we reach the bridge of Rosalina. Thereafter the hike takes us uphill for two hours to Santa Rosa Baja, where we will have a little break to collect some energy before we will ascend the mountain for two more hours to Marampata, where we can en joy the view of the beautiful landscapes of the valley. From there we hike for 1.5 hours to the archaeological site of Choquequirao.

Travel to Peru and not to do Choquequirao trail will be a bad, becuase it is considered like sister of Machu Picchu.

3. Choquequirao - Chiquisca

Choquequirao is a spectacular place, where Condors and Andean gods are living. After a relaxed morning we will visit the Archaeological site. After the visit we begin to descend until Playa Rosalina which will take 6 hours.

Difficultness of the 3rd day: Easy challenge, 13 km – trail time: 6 hours. Day 4. - Chiquisca – Cachora. On the last part of the trek, the hike will go uphill for 4 hours until Capuliyoc, from where we continue on a flat path until Cachora. Difficultness of the 4th day: medium challenge, 19 km - walking time 7 hours.

How is the itinerary in this days?

On the last day we will hike from Cocamasana to Cachora. First we will drink our wake-up-tee and eat breakfast around 5.30. At 6.00 our last hike starts towards Cachora, where we will arrive around 11 – 12.00 at noon. At Cachora we will enjoy our last lunch together and a bus will be waiting for us to bring us back to Cusco - Peru, where our adventure will end around 3-4.00 in the afternoon.

Comments and reviews about trek

- Its a fairly demanding trek. Not so much due to altitude but from the ascent and descent you make (over 1000m from memory). The trail is fairly well maintained for a trek thats barely used.
- Some parts of the trail is hard and we recommend carry a lot of water bottles with you.
- The difficulty in this travel to chouquequirao really depends on your prior trekking experience, your fitness and your overall hardiness and maybe durability.

by alvis1250 on lonelyplanet

- The trek is not extremely hard physically, there is a long section of restored Inca stairs below the pass, then untouched jungle after the pass. You will need to camp. There is now a road to Yanama. It is well described in the Trailblazers guidebook.

by willemspie on lonelyplanet

- My wife and her sisters did it a couple of years ago. They are on teir mid 50's and all manage to do the trek. It is longer and more difficult than the Inca Trail, but with much less people doing it.
- It is really worth the trip, do not miss it.

by xochitl on TripAdvisor

- I've done this trek, its much more difficult than the inka trail, but do-able if you are fit.
- The ruins are special, but not as special as machu picchu.
- Its not what i would call untouristed although there are a lot less tourists than the inca trail!
- if you want to do both ruins - and hike - do the "choquequirao to machu picchu hike" - it 8 or 9 days and you wouldnt regret it as a once in a lifetime experience!

by Nanay55 from Australia on TripAdvisor

- It is redundant to do two of those treks and if you are in good shape do the Choqequirao trek and get to see MP anyway.

by ancientsummit on TripAdvisor

- The site is reached by a two-day hike from outside Cusco.
- The trail to Choquequirao is unpermitted and can be completed unsupported; however, most trekkers join organised tours that include a guide, camping equipment, mules, and porters to carry gear and a cook to prepare food.
- From Choquequirao it is possible to continue hiking to Machu Picchu. Choquequirao trek itineraries to Machu Picchu vary. Most treks range from 7-day to 11-day hikes, and involve going over the Yanama Pass, which at 4,668 m is the highest point on the trek. You will need to be well acclimatised for this trek to avoid altitude sickness.

by Wikipedia

- If you travel to Peru and want do inca trail or visit sacred valley of the Incas located in the Urubamba, in the valley of the river Urubamba. Cusco is the home of the Incas and from Cusco there are many best hiking tours of Peru and Choquequirao is one of the best alternative treks.
- The treks like Choquequirao in Cusco - Peru is Inca Trail, Salkantay Trek, Inca Jungle, Lares Trek and other travel that agencies are creating according your days here in Peru, this are adventure tours(inca jungle tour).

by Us

Have you ever ask how hard or difficult is the trekking in Peru?

When you travel to Peru, you always think in Cusco and do some treks or take some tour in the middle of famous montains like HuaynaPicchu, Salkantay, Ausangate, Pitusiray Mountain and others, an Inca adore those mountains, when travel to these places and visit some ruins in your days be respectful of customs, Peru is one of the countries with a lot of variety of cultures.

Andes treks like choquequirao, salkantay, Inca trail of 4 days are hard, but are an adventure, because with these treks you will reach Machu Picchu and also treks are from 4 days of tour or more long,it if depends of you. The high one is the salkantay because the latitude of it is 6372 m. the views of the treks are always best and in all of it you always camping in the middle of the nature,sometimess with snow like in the salkantay trek, others with rains or near in a river like Inca trail. Travel to the Peru's andes is so exciting with all the mystery that Incas left.

Choquequirao trek difficulty Photos along travel days

Choquequirao Trek Difficulty
Choquequirao Trek Difficulty
Choquequirao Trek Difficulty
Choquequirao Trek Difficulty

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  • How difficult is the hike?

    The entire hike is approximately 72 kilometers...

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  • Attractions along the Trek

    Cachora, Conoc, Saywite, Limatambo, ...

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  • What is Choquequirao Trek?

    Choquequirao is a surprisingly well preserved Inca ruin...

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