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Inka Trail Expeditions Perú Tour operator was founded with nothing more than a strong desire to create an authentic Peruvian travel agency, embodying by a sustainable way the rich diversity of tradition, adventure and mystery that makes Perú such a fascinating country to visit, Our travel agency was born in Cusco, Perú land of the Incas, and will always remain the closest possible and more faithful to local communities and Peruvian culture without compromises; on the contrary, we try to celebrate and share the fantastic heritage of our great nation on every given occasion.

From the moment we started the company in 2007, we live the values we associate with our corporate culture and management style today- concern for all employees, hands-on management and an unrelenting commitment to meeting customer needs through excellence in quality, service and hospitality.

Everything we do is bases on our uncompromising beliefs in treating people fairly, working hard, paying close attention to details, and listening to our customers.

Inka Trail Expeditions Peru is dedicated to providing high quality travel experiences that preserve the fragile lands we visit. By working closely with our customers, we are able to design unique vacations that match their interests and schedule. In addition to customized private tours, our specialty, we also offer pre-set departures.

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In 2007, was founded ITEP, South América Tour Operator, with nothing more than a strong desire to create an authentic Peruvian Agency, the rich diversity of tradition, adventure and mystery makes Peru a fascinating country to visit.

Inka Trail Expeditions Perú Company, There is something for everyone and more of what you're looking for .... discover lush landscapes in a sustainable tourism experience like nothing else in the world had ever seen. We offer an alternative adventure travel for cruises and bus trips are used to, not only want to change the way how the people look for adventure holidays time, but also show that travel within Peru, are unforgettable and will mark life's forever through our social projects (SmileTerra) that these are full of Energy and Natural adventure. Is an inherent belief to the core values that inspire our being and business today.

We employ a staff of knowledgeable travel professionals at our Seattle headquarters and have long-standing contractual relationships with our logistical specialists in Peru who help develop and coordinate our tours. All have traveled extensively or lived and worked in our destination countries and share a common business philosophy and environmental ethic.

Our travel Agency limits the size of our tour groups to twelve travelers, where sixteen travelers is the maximum. This policy offers several benefits. It minimizes our environmental impact, allows us to travel to areas less visited and makes the sightseeing experience more personal. It allows our guides sufficient time to attend to the individual needs of each visitor. Traveling in small groups also increases the likelihood of encountering wildlife in areas such as the Amazon.

We thoroughly research each destination before including it in a trip. Through our knowledgeable staff, we have established strong business relationships in all of the areas we visit which make for unique itineraries of ecological and cultural significance for our travelers and to while providing for their utmost safety and security. We augment our planned trips with an extensive list of optional tour extensions, ranging from a few hours to a few days, to enable our passengers to pursue their interests in greater depth.

INCA TRAIL EXPEDITIONS PERU, We personally inspect the rooms and amenities of all potential hotels and lodges in each tour location and select only those that meet our rigorous standards for cleanliness, comfort, convenient location, safety, customer service and ambiance. We support lodges and hotels that employ sustainability practices and are owned and operated locally.

We contract guides who are native to the destination and are licensed and/or certified in accordance with the government regulations of Perú. All are fluent in Spanish and English and some also speak the indigenous language of the region. Many are medically trained and some have received additional wilderness medical training .To ensure the safety of our travelers, our guides are linked with outside services 24 hours a day in most locations to provide assistance when necessary. Ours is a team of knowledgeable and congenial guides whose priceless insights into the true nature of their homelands add immeasurably to the enjoyment of the trip.

To provide passengers the most authentic experience possible, we contract with local travel services in the countries we visit. Central to this goal is our policy of hiring regional guides instead of assigning the same guide or a western tour leader to accompany passengers for the duration of the trip. This ensures that our passengers are always in the hands of knowledgeable guides who know their destinations intimately.

INKA TRAIL EXPEDITIONS PERU, Our Company and all those who represent us abroad practice environmental stewardship based on the Leave No Trace philosophy. We travel in established National Parks and conservation areas, leaving only footprints and taking only photographs. We select camping locations with the most benign sanitary systems, pack in gear and foods with the least waste feasible and properly dispose of all rubbish. We design all of our trips to minimize travel times and take full advantage of local hikes and walking routes. In this way, we decrease reliance on motor transportation, and enable our clients to become more intimate with places they travel. We donate to organizations dedicated to the conservation of the ecosystems in which we operate to carbon-offset the use of natural resources that our trips cause. Because we believe sustainability applies to economic and social well-being in addition to environmental health, we make sure our tours directly benefit the locations to which our clients travel. We support local organizations, non-profits, and schools to improve the quality of life in the areas through which we travel. We employ native guides, porters, and logistical members of our staff, as well as supporting locally owned and operated hotels, lodges and restaurants. We also ensure fair wages for all with whom we work and contract. This commitment has created enduring relationships with members of our international team and greatly added to our clients' experiences abroad.

Through memberships and donations, we support the efforts of local, national and international organizations working in South America to preserve ecological stability and to better the lives of the people.

For many travelling abroad opens our eyes to a world that is very different from our own and inspires us to help make a difference in the lives of people and communities that we have visited. Whether you have recently returned home from travelling, or you just genuinely wish to help make a difference in the world around you, you can help by making a contribution to our (Social Proyect Smile terra), the non-profit founded by Inka Trail Expeditions Perú.

participates in activities distributing presents, meals, hot chocolate to children.. We continually seek new ways to actively support sustainable tourism.


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  • How difficult is the hike?

    The entire hike is approximately 72 kilometers...

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  • Attractions along the Trek

    Cachora, Conoc, Saywite, Limatambo, ...

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  • What is Choquequirao Trek?

    Choquequirao is a surprisingly well preserved Inca ruin...

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  • Choquequirao
    Choquequirao Trek 4D/3N "Classic"

    Take an adventure through the best flora and fauna of Peru and incredible wildlife to the magnificent Inca site of Choquequirao, guarded by the amazing condor....